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  220 S. Grand Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92701  | Ph: 714-547-2401

About Us

Rino Products Corpotaion
Working to Serve you!

Who we are

We are a family company dedicated to selling products and professional cleaning equipment. We started in 1996 as a vacuum shop, but soon our own customers were taking us towards what is the professional cleaning industry and our business years after major step to be that. Today our product line is extensive and ranges from a mop to an auto-scrubber and from a screw to motors, pumps etc. For nearly five years we have been working to serve new customers over the internet and finally we have achieved, we hope your visit is to your liking and that our product achieves what we want the most, be useful and practical for your business. Thank you in advance for your purchase, we will be working to bring the best products to you and remember your satisfaction is our priority and our guarantee the best way to say thank you!

Mission Statement

At Rino Products our mission is your satisfaction, we will work hard to achieve it. We believe that good relations, good service and good products manage to have satisfied customers and happier people.